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Tanks for Clan Wars or Platoon battles

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Tanks for Clan Wars or Platoon battles

Post  Tiger2c on Sat Jan 05, 2013 8:55 am

Here is my list for mostly used tanks in platoon, company and clan wars battles :

Germans : PZIII, Ferdinand, Jagdtiger, JagdPzE100, Maus, E100, E75, E50 & E50m, GW Panther/Tiger & GW Typ E, VK2801, Tiger and Tiger II, VK4502P

French : AC Mle.46/48, AMX50 Foch & 50F155, AMX50 100/120/50B, AMX ELC and all further of that branch

British : Haven´t seen so far one but think : Centurion (both), FV4202, Conqueror, FV215B, Mathilda, Valentine, Chruchill VII and Black Prince

USA : Wolverine, T28 (both), T30/95/110E4/E3/E5, M46/48, M103, T29, M4A3E2, Jackson, T25(both), Chaffee, also the new meds (T71/69,T54E1,T57Heavy)

Russians : all SU started at SU 85, T50 & -2, Obj. 704/268/263, T54, T62a, IS & 3/6/8/7/4, KV1S, KV3, KV4, STI, T43/44

Arty: doesnt matter but most use the french why they are quite fast.

Yours Tiger

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